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Alignment Good (but can be rude at times)
Species Sock
Gender Male
Occupation Children's TV Personality
Allies Uncle Bob
Foes Hector Con Carne
Voiced By Tom Kenny

Warren is Uncle Bob's sock puppet, who he uses as a side character on his show. Apparently, Uncle Bob perceives him as another person, as he portrays Warren in character backstage and has even been emotionally influenced by him. He appeared in "Everyone Loves Uncle Bob".


Warren is a white sock with a red toe and a red zigzag line, that runs around his cuff. He has big googly eyes and a few tiny stubs of loose sock threads all over his body.


Warren acts rougher and more assertive than Bob, making rude exclamations and behaving impolitely, especially for someone who serves as a role model for children. Because of this, Warren portrays an example of how not to act on the show, with Bob being his polar opposite and telling Warren how to behave. His on-screen persona goes beyond acting though, as he's seen by Bob as a completely different entity than himself. Bob apparently undergoes severe split personality disorder, since he's so committed to the Warren charade, that he's able to change his own opinions and personality traits, based off of what "Warren", a fictional character, portrayed by himself, tells him. At the end of the episode he appeared in, Bob went from being a good hearted and forgiving fellow, to a spiteful, tough-as-nails ruffian, who would violently fight back at whoever wronged him. So, basically, Warren is the embodiment of another side of Uncle Bob, who obtains all his hate and negativity, leaving Bob's dominant form to be a happy, idyllic guy, fit for a children's television show host. At the end of the episode, featuring them, however, Uncle Bob let Warren take over, turning him into the same person as Warren.


Everyone Loves Uncle Bob
  • Strangely enough, Warren and Uncle Bob have different voice actors. Warren's is Tom Kenny and Uncle Bob's is Armin Shimerman. This sort of contributes more to the illusion that Bob and Warren are different people.
  • Warren's appearance on the episode's title card slightly differs from his appearance in the episode. On the title card, the redness on the toe of the sock, used as the puppet, serving as Warren's body is gone.

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