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Alignment Good
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Children's Show Host
Allies Warren,
Foes Hector Con Carne

Uncle Bob is the beloved host of the popular children's television show, Everybody Loves Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob hosts the show alongside his sock puppet Warren. He first appeared in the episode, Everybody Loves Uncle Bob.


Uncle Bob was a friendly and meek individual who normally spoke in a sluggish manner and loved children. Uncle Bob believed that everyone should have good manners and should be polite (ideals befitting any true children's show host). Uncle Bob also had a dreaded fear of broom closets. However, Uncle Bob lost his meek and cowardly personality traits after his encounter with Hector Con Carne, which made him more aggressive, assertive and violent and he desired to spread his new ideals to his young viewers.


Uncle Bob seems to suffer from split-personality disorder, as he believes that his sock puppet Warren is a real person. Warren is depicted as having a rough and more aggressive personality than Uncle Bob's and would often say rude things, but Warren proved to be a good friend to Bob when he needed encouragement.


Everybody Loves Uncle BobEdit

Hector Con Carne intended to take over Uncle Bob's show and use it to make kids love him in order to turn them into soldiers. He started by imprisoning Uncle Bob in the studio broom closet and performing cheap tricks for the children which they did not enjoy. Uncle Bob's sock puppet Warren then encouraged Bob to break out of the broom closet and take back his show. Uncle Bob took this advice to heart and proceeded to defeat Hector and his forces. Uncle Bob then embraced his new more aggressive persona and began teaching kids to be more aggressive and violent too (but only towards villains).

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