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Alignment Evil (Strictly by Employment)
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Henchman
Family Unnamed Cat (pet)
Allies Hector Con Carne (formerly)
First Appearance Gridlocked and Loaded

Tony is a character of the show, and one of Hector's Henchmen who only appears in Gridlocked and Loaded.


Gridlocked and LoadedEdit

Tony joined Evil Con Carne to pay for his sick cat's medical bills, but after annoying Hector got fired, and Tony ended up robbing the ship that Hector was going to rob on his own.

Future EpisodesEdit

Tony cameo

Tony's Cameo in Jealousy, Jealous Do

Despite being fired in his last appearance, he made a cameo, working for Evil Con Carne again in "Jealousy, Jealous Do", only wearing a blue uniform. At the very end of the episode, he was carrying Hector's dome around, since Boskov had abandoned it. The gang decided to share a group hug among the major workers, and Tony discarded Hector and hugged the rest of the group, completely ignoring his supreme leader's existence.

Tony would also be seen in the army, in the finale/Grim Adventures crossover episode "Company Halt", also wearing the same blue uniform, and like before, he didn't speak or have any real significance. In the end, along with all the other henchmen, Tony would run off and quit Evil Con Carne, as soon as Hector was crushed under the Rubber Band Tank.


Unlike the other Henchmen, he wears purple. He has large glasses and is very thin.


He is very talkative, and often uses phrases such as "Golly gosh" and "wicked awesome" much to the annoyance of his employers. He is overly sensitive to the condition his cat is in, and cries when his cat's favorite song is playing. Other than his concern for his cat, he is also overly optimistic.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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