The Time Hole Incident
Season 1, Episode 21
The Time Hole Incident
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The Time Hole Incident is the twenty first episode of season one of Evil Con Carne.


Major Dr. Ghastly introduces a time machine she created, only for everyone to find older versions of themselves who had gotten stuck in the past because of the time machine. Meanwhile, Skarr plans on using the machine to destroy Hector Con Carne.







  • The episode shows that the series takes place in the year 2002.

Plot HolesEdit

Given how this episode heavily relies on time travel, the story opens up lots of contradictions within the plot itself, and the overarching narrative of Evil Con Carne, as a series.

  • When Hector sees that the future versions of him and Dr. Ghastly have a son together, he questions how they were able to actually conceive a baby in the first place, since he had lost his reproductive system in the explosion that destroyed most of his body.
  • The future selves of Evil Con Carne, said they were from 30 years in the future. At the time, Ghastly's future self introduced her to Destructicus, who had to have been under a year old, since he was a baby who could only lie down in his crib. If Hector and Ghastly were as old as they were at the time (In "Hector, King of the Britons", Ghastly said she was 24), then Hector and Ghastly would have given birth to Destructicus when they were in their 50's, there is no way Destructicus could have been the fully-functioning man he grew up to be, assuming he would have even survived, being born of senior citizens.
  • Hector sees for himself that he and Ghastly end up having a child together, and even blushes, yet in the rest of the series, he is still completely unaware of Ghastly's feelings.


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