The Smell of Vengeance
Season 1, Episode 15
The Smell of Venegance
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The Smell of Vengeance is the fifteenth episode of season one of Evil Con Carne.


Hector uses a stink ray to take over the world but must confront the very who destroyed his body years ago... COD COMMANDO!




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  • Hector Con Carne and Stomach are shown to sleep in a fish tank, separate from Boskov, who sleeps in a normal bed. However, in all other episodes, featuring them in bed, (such as "Gutless" and "Tiptoe Through the Tulips") Hector and Stomach are shown to sleep in their domes, already attached to Boskov in his bed.
  • Hector called Boskov a "Lazy, good for nothing, circus freak", referencing to the fact that he originally came from a circus, further explored in "Boskov's Day Out".
  • Boskov looks through the fridge for a glass of brain juice. As he does, Hector tells him "Not that OJ! Not that purple stuff!". This was a reference to a 1994 commercial, for Sunny Delight, where kids would look through the fridge for something to drink and push aside "OJ" and "Purple Stuff" in that order, before finding what they were looking for, in their case, Sunny D.
  • In Tokyo, Japan, a dancing robot, resembling that of ASIMO was seen, performing for Japanese people at the geographically accurate location of the Tokyo, Miraikan Museum.
  • Godzilla and Mothra, from the eponymic movies, also make cameo appearances.
  • After stinking up other countries, Hector and Boskov played computer solitaire.
  • At the League of Nations meeting, Abraham Lincoln was sitting with two five dollar bills in front of him. In real life, printed on the face of the five dollar bill, is the face of Abraham Lincoln.
  • This is Cod Commando's first appearance, as the characters barely recognize him, and Hector does not realize right away that Cod was the one who blew him up. This means that Cod Commando was introduced before SPORK, as the organization is not even mentioned in the episode.
    • This was originally the first Grim and Evil episode, which explains why in Evil Con Carne, Cod Commando has appeared before.
  • While General Skarr was sitting down and "taking notes" from Hector, next to him, was a crate labeled "Armpit Hair: Danger!".
  • One of the countries Hector plans on bombing is "Canada, New Jersey", a non-existent place, this would imply that "Canada" is a city and "New Jersey" is a state, while they're really a country and state, respectively and they're both far apart from each other.
  • Hector says General Skarr has an intense hatred for the fictional country of Canada, New Jersey.
  • Hector claims that Cod Commando destroyed his body. This story is further explored in "Bring Me the Face of Hector Con Carne".
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