So then I'll tickle your tummy, baby.
— Telephone Guy
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Telephone Guy
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Full Name Unknown
Aliases Telephone Guy
Alignment Childish Nuisance
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Prank Caller
Foes Abraham Lincoln
First Appearance "League of Destruction"

Telephone Guy is an unnamed guy, who makes occasional appearances in the show. He is always seen, using a telephone booth, to make calls to a random person, possibly a girlfriend or wife, who he makes romantic comments to.


The Telephone Guy made his first appearance in "League of Destruction", where he was calling his girlfriend with a telephone booth and making romantic comments, before Cod Commando knocked him out cold, so that he may use the telephone booth for more important matters. At the end of the episode, Abraham Lincoln received a bizarre phone call, coming from telephone guy, saying that he'll tickle his tummy.

When The Courage Family arrived at Bunny Island, Max Courage (the driver of the boat), crashed into a rock, launching their boat through the air, where they'd land on and crush the telephone guy, just as he was telling his babe, that he'd shave her back.

In "The Mother of all Evils", when the Trojan Bear appeared in front of The White House, Abraham Lincoln suspected it came from "That weird guy who keeps calling and saying 'I'll rub your feet, baby' and keeps hanging up", and said if it did come from him, he divides no interest and wants it returned to sender.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • Sometimes, these phone calls are made to Abraham Lincoln, for some reason. It's happened so much, that Abraham has gotten annoyed with it. He's labeled him as a prank caller. He was heard calling him at the end of "League of Destruction", and Abraham was heard mentioning the constant phone calls from him in "The Mother of all Evils".
    • Despite Abraham being The President, and being in control of the country's most powerful CIA technology, he has still yet to track down the telephone guy (most likely due to the fact that he used differently located phone booths to make the calls, so tracking down the phone address, is useless, making finding him a impossibility)

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