Teenage Idol
Season 2, Episode 2
Teenage Idol
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Teenage Idol is the second episode of season two of Evil Con Carne.


Evil Con Carne meets up with a living statue, who wants to help them rule the world.


The gang goes to South America to awaken an idol called Molatom, who Hector wants to help him rule the world. However, when they awaken Molatom, he starts acting like your typical teenage boy, and Ghastly explains to Hector and Boskov that while Molatom's literally thousands of years old, it only equates to being about 15 in "idol years." Ghastly suggests Hector offering something in exchange for helping them to achieve world domination.

Unfortunately, one of the things the idol wants is a date with Ghastly, which Hector agrees to without asking Ghastly, greatly offending her. Meanwhile, Skarr has a lot of bad luck retrieving a lucky penny.

Ghastly refuses to go on a date with Molatom, so Hector and Boskov have to resort to their "plan B," which consists of them dressing up like Ghastly, which Molatom does fall for, despite it obviously not being the real Ghastly. Just as Molatom is about to kiss fake!Ghastly, the real Ghaslty shows up with Molatom's parents, who ground him and send him to his room. Just after Molatom leaves, his parents thank Dr. Ghastly for calling them and explain that "Tommy" hasn't been to school for centuries. They also hope that Dr. Ghastly's "big, fat ugly sister" (Hector and Boskov) will be okay, and Ghastly assures them that "she'll" be fine and that this stuff happens a lot.


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  • This episode is named after the 1962 Ricky Nelson song "Teenage Idol".
  • Molatom is an idolized statue with four arms. This alludes to the four-armed Hindu God, Vishnu and it's statue, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana.
  • It's apparent Hector doesn't return Ghastly's feelings, implying she's "not a hot chick" and more bluntly stating that she's good for nothing.
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