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Storytelling Snowman
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Voiced By Charlie Adler

The Storytelling Snowman is an anthropomorphic snowman, who narrated the episode "Christmas Con Carne".


The Snowman made an appearance in his own story, living at the North Pole. He was much younger and lively than his self telling the story. He witnessed Hector's evil plan and went off to warn Rupert the Green-Nosed Reindeer, convincing him to save Christmas. Although he was never seen within the story after this, it's known that he must've somewhat witnessed all the events of the story that played out, hence why he told it. Apparently, something happened overtime that got him to leave the North Pole and become more poor and depressed, as he's now living in a crummy, run down apartment in the middle of a disgusting, crime-filled city. This is never explained. At the end of his storytelling segment, he melted after sitting by the fireplace for too long, being rendered to a head in a puddle of water.


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