Quotes by Stomach.


"I'm hungry." (Evil Con Carne)
"Bacon is a tasty snack." (Evil Con Carne)
"Hey, can I have some honey too?" (Evil Con Carne)
"Vanilla is delicious!" (Emotional Skarr)
"Mmmm, tasty!" (Emotional Skarr)
"Peanuts!!! They're so salty and good!!!" (Evil Goes Wild)
"To a free lunch!" (Evil Goes Wild)
"Good morning!" (The Smell of Vengeance)
"Ooh, pardon me." (The Smell of Vengeance
"Ow!" (The Smell of Vengeance)
"Do I smell haggis?" (The Smell of Vengeance)
"Did you say sandwich?" (Devolver)
"Now he's a tasty shrimp." (Devolver)
"Actually, it's quite exquisite." (Search and Estroy)
"I like ham, I like jam, I like biscuits with honey" (The Pie Who Loved Me)
"What's inside that pie?" (The Pie Who Loved Me)
"Stomach too." (Evil Con Carne Opening)
"I don't feel so good, ohh." (Gutless)
"Please, (cough cough) don't leave me!" (Gutless)
"I can't help it if I'm sick. I have trapped gas." (Gutless)
"Oh, yeah!" (Gutless)
"Pardon me." (Gutless)
"Sigh." (Day of the Dreadbots)
"And let's not forget that big honking fuse coming out of her head." (Trouble with Skarrina)
"(hungered moan)" (Evil on Trial)
"Oh, that's good, more. Mmm, more!" (The Mother of all Evils)
"Yeah." (Gridlocked and Loaded)
"Ooh, corndog." (Fool's Paradise)
"Get some for me too." (Fool's Paradise)
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