I'm hungry.
— Stomach
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Stomach of Hector Con Carne
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Full Name N/A
Alignment Neutral
Species Human Stomach
Gender Male
Occupation Digestion specialist
Allies Hector Con Carne
Foes Cod Comando
Voiced By Armin Shimerman

Stomach is the stomach of Hector Con Carne who survived the explosion with Hector. Stomach is usually begging for food.


He is a folded pink stomach. Stomach has a brown liver on top of him that resembles a bonnet and two brown eyes (only seen in one episode) and a tiny little lump coming out of his fold. He is attached to Boskov's stomach in the same type of dome Hector is in. He has a high pitched squeaky voice and only talks about food.


Stomach is always hungry and appreciates all the food that enters the system. Although it'd seem Stomach is completely unimportant to the team, it turns out, that without him, Hector will lack the courage to do anything evil or villainous, since he won't "have the guts". This labels Stomach as a source of courage, making him a significant and well-respected member of the team.


Hector Con Carne

Stomach has the closest bond with Hector, than with anyone else, since they both came from the same body and are, in one way or another, technically the same person. Whenever Hector eats something, Boskov is the one who ingests the food, afterwards, the food is automatically sent to Stomach's dome, where it is digested. It is unknown how Hector tastes the food, but it's implied that he and Stomach both, have the ability to taste it.

In "Gutless", Hector claimed that Stomach was unimportant to the team. He was very rude to him, calling him a "whiny baby", being irritated that he was too sick to go out and do evil. However, upon realizing that he didn't have the guts to do anything sinister or excessively cruel, without him, Hector had to go back for him. Hector showed he really cared for Stomach, when he started to cry over the thought that Stomach could be taken away by the disease. He and Boskov were fortunately able to save his life, by burping it, and setting his trapped gas free.

One conflict Hector usually has with Stomach, is that he's appalled by much of Stomach's noxious gastro-intestinal problems. In "The Smell of Vengeance", Stomach burped, when getting out of bed, and Hector was so repulsed by the stench, he leaped out of bed, and shriveled up, then begging Boskov to get him out of the fishtank. There's also their occasional differences, when it comes to their taste in food. In "Search and Estroy", Hector called Estroy's food "lousy", and Stomach argued back that it was actually "quite exquisite". Most of the time, though, they share the same opinions of food and Stomach happily devours anything that Hector eats.

General Skarr

In "Trouble with Skarrina", Stomach pointed out that Skarrina had a fuse coming out of her head, trying to prove to Skarr that she wasn't a real person. Angry, Skarr pointed at it and yelled "Stay out of this, you!" In "Devolver", General Skarr transformed into a shrimp, and Stomach drooled over him, assuming he must be tasty. He'd later be eaten by Boskov, and sent into the digestive system, making Stomach eat General Skarr.


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