Son of Evil
Season 1, Episode 4
Son of Evil
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Son of Evil is the fourth episode of season 1 of Evil Con Carne.


Hector Con Carne plans to take over Japan by training his henchmen into a samurai army and invading. Meanwhile, Destructicus Con Carne drops by for a visit and reveals that, unlike his parents, Destructicus is a hero who fights for justice, which soon clashes with Hector's plans.


The episode begins with Hector watching an episode of Samurai Cat and he reveals that he wishes to conquer Japan to Major Dr. Ghastly and wants to turn his troops into samurai for just that purpose. As the troops begin their training, Destructicus Con Carne appears out of a time vortex, having traveled back in time to visit his parents. Eventually he is given the keys to his mother's latest invention, the Samurai Exosuit after he helped her improve it. He then finds out that his father plans to use the suit to conquer Japan, and as Destructicus is a hero, he feels he must stop his father even if it pains him. He then confronts his father's troops in Japan and easily takes them out. Despite the heated argument from Hector to his son, Ghastly convinces them to stop arguing and that they still love their future son. When his son leaves, Hector expresses some disappointment in his son not being evil.


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  • This episode reveals that Hector loves the Japanese culture.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Hector was watching a parody on Samurai Jack, featuring a ninja named Samurai Cat, fighting a dog demon, naked Barku, modeled after Samurai Jack and Aku, respectively.
  • Destructicus Con Carne, from the episode "The Time Hole Incident" returns to the island to visit his parents, making him a recurring character as of this episode. However, despite this being his first appearance in order of airing, his in-series debut was in The Time Hole Incident.
  • The team was eating green goo out of the heads of some monkeys. This could be a reference to the famous scene from the 1997 George of the Jungle film.

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