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Shlamegal 2
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Alignment Evil
Species Mutant Halfling
Gender Male
Occupation Thief
Foes Halflings
First Appearance No No Nanook

Shlamegal was a monstrous little thief with a yiddish accent who appeared in the episode No No Nanook.


Shlamegal was a greedy creature who led a hapless Halfling down the secret path in hopes of stealing back his "precious" by acting like a friendly guide. When he made his move and tried to strangle the Halfling, they were both run over by Hector, Boskov and General Skarr who wondered what the heck that was, with Skarr responding "5 Points", which made them all laugh with glee at their "road kill" score. However Shlamegal and the Halfling survived, although Shlamegal apparently lost his legs, but continued to lead the Halfling down the path only to try and betray him again and grab his "precious", however they were both run over again, this time by Cod Commando and Monty who noted their road kill score to be "6 Points". Shlamegal and the Halfling likely floated off into space with everyone else after gravity was destroyed.


  • He is an obvious parody of the character Gollum from the Lord of the Rings book series.
    • Shlamegal is the second reference to Gollum in the overall continuity of Evil Con Carne and Grim Adventures, with another Gollum-like character once threatening Mandy, although it is unknown if that Gollum was also Shlamegal.
  • The Halfling is an obvious parody of Frodo Baggins and/or Bilbo Baggins, also from the Lord of the Rings book series.

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