Self destruct

The poorly-located self destruct button for Hector's Underwater base.

Self Destruct is a function available in some machines built by Major Dr. Ghastly and Hector Con Carne, along with other machines built by super villains.

The purpose of this feature within the universe of the show is unknown.

Known InstancesEdit

Machines and others known to have had this function (chronological order)

Machine/Other Episode Activation
Enrique Jr. Robot Emotional Skarr After tossing the remote for the robot, General Skarr accidently selects the command "Self Destruct"
The Stink Ray The Smell of Vengeance Cod Commando, disguised as General Skarr, attempts to press the self destruct button, but fails. However, Cod Commando does later cause Hector to fly his jar into the control panel, destoying the panel and The Stink Ray. It is unknown if it was caused by a malfunction, or if Hector hit the self destruct button by mistake.
Underwater Base Cod vs. Hector The button was located right between the button to destroy Cod Commando, and a button of unknown function. As a result, Hector pressed the wrong button.

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