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Full Name Kris Kringle
Alignment Good
Species Immortal Human
Gender Male
Occupation Spirit of Christmas
Family Mrs. Claus (wife)
Allies His Elves
Rupert the Green-Nosed Reindeer
Foes Hector Con Carne
First Appearance Christmas Con Carne
Voiced By Frank Welker

Santa Claus is a legendary Christmas figure who, travels around the world and gives gifts to good children for Christmas, and coal to bad ones every December 25th. He appeared in "Christmas Con Carne".


Christmas Con CarneEdit

Santa controlled by Hector

Santa while controlled by Hector

Evil Con Carne invaded the North Pole and ambushed Santa and his Elves. Hector's dome was attached to his head, and thus Hector was able to control him until he was defeated by Rupert the Green-Nosed Reindeer, who saved Christmas, by convincing Santa to overpower Hector, and fight the mind control.

He gives Hector and his team coal for Christmas each year because of the incident. Santa also accepts Rupert as a valued member of the team, apparently having not done so before. Rupert did mention not being allowed in any reindeer games, so it's possible Santa was either in on this or in some way supportive of it.


Santa Claus is a very simple and generic model of the typical portrayal of Santa Claus. He's a big, fat, jolly man with a red suit and hat, a white beard, and a big pink nose. His beard goes under his belt and is clipped onto there. When Santa took Hector's dome off, he strangely anough, had a full head of white hair.


Santa acts as holly and jolly as any Santa Claus archetype should. He also appears to be a bit dopey and oblivious, failing to differentiate one of his real elves, from a card board cut out, clearly being manipulated by a potential attacker, and falling right into the trap. He is very strong-willed though, as he had it in him to overpower Hector, while he was controlling his mind and body, giving himself freedom again.


  • Santa Claus also appeared in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy but with a drastically different appearance. Being more tall and obese, with a larger nose, pointy hair, different attire, and he was voice by Gilbert Gottfried.

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