Go spork disturbingly realistic
The Secret Paramilitary Organized Response Kommand
(S.P.O.R.K. for short) is an organization working for the American Government to stop villains such as Hector Con Carne.  The organization answers to Abraham Lincoln, who in the show is still President of the United States.

Known Members

Cod Commando greened
Cod Commando Leader(?)/Special Agent
Ensign green

Ensign Slaughter

Jane greened

Kablamity Jane

Unknown, likely combat/weapons expert

Simmons greened
Private Simmons Engineer
Various unnamed soldiers Soldiers




  • SPORK Headquarters
    S.P.O.R.K. may be a parody of S.H.I.E.L.D. from Marvel Comics.
  • The S.P.O.R.K. headquarters is based off of the Hall of Justice, the headquarters of the Justice League.
  • Judging from the name, it appears the organization is supposed to be secret to the public. However, in "Go SPORK", Cod is seen directly interacting with children, and they all recognize him.
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