This is a list of all of the episodes of Evil Con Carne. The main characters of the show are Hector, Boskov, Stomach, Major Dr. Ghastly, and General Skarr. All five of them have physically appeared in every episode. However, Hector, and General Skarr are the only ones who have talked in every episode. Major Doctor was without dialogue in Everybody Loves Uncle Bob and Cod vs. Hector, and Boskov was without dialogue in Max Courage, Christmas Con Carne, and Everybody Loves Uncle Bob. and Stomach was without dialogue in 16 episodes.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • Company Halt - This was a crossover between The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Evil Con Carne. Hector, Boskov, Stomach, and Major Doctor Ghastly go to General Skarr's house asking him to return to his job at Evil Con Carne.


  • The Pilot was aired again during Season 1, being passed off as another regular episode. It was aired in between the episodes "Max Courage" and "Emotional Skarr".
  • 26 out of the 27 episodes produced for Season 1 were all made for Grim and Evil, but the 2003 episodes officially premiered on Cartoon Network when Grim and Evil was split into two shows.
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