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League of Destruction is the third episode of season one.


Hector tries to unite the forces of evil, but everyone argues over who should lead the organization.


After Hector Con Carne's sticky goo bombs and Estroy's hacking satellite crash into eachother (and then back into the villain's bases) while being launched, Hector concludes that there are too many villains trying to individually take over the world, and decides they would be more productive combining their forces.

Shortly after, Cod Commando gets a call from Abraham Lincoln informing him that a large number of villains are meeting up at Bunny Island, and that he must stop whatever they are up to. Cod gets busy preparing the SPORK Soldiers for a large battle.

Meanwhile, the villains check in through a metal detector and are introduced to the audience.

Hector unveils his plan, which the villains like, until Estroy challenges Hector's leadership, after which they begin arguing over who should lead, despite it being Hector's idea in the first place. This eventually breaks out into a full fight.

By the time Cod Commando and the rest of SPORK show up, the villains have already defeated each other, much to SPORK's shock and displeasure. Abraham Lincoln, unaware the villains defeated themselves, congratulates Cod Commando for a job well done.


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  • This is the first episode to introduce villains other than Evil Con Carne and Estroy.
  • This is the only episode to have both Estroy and Cod Commando in it, have both of them acting as antagonists in the same episode, and the only one to show the two in the same location.
  • Hector Con Carne says that despite his history of failures, he's successfully taken over Canada before. However, this isn't saying much, as every other villain has done the same. Taking over Canada is an extremely easy task, due to the country's political defenselessness.

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