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The Lady of the Lake
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Alignment Neutral
Species Humanoid Spirit
Gender Female? (questionable)
Occupation Guardian of Excalibur
Foes Hector Con Carne

The Lady of the Lake is the legendary guardian of the sword Excalibur. The Lady's only appearance was in Hector, King of the Britons.


Oddly, despite being the "Lady of the Lake" she appears to actually a brown haired man with a goatee, and wears a white dress and ballet shoes. Hector even points this out but the Lady dismisses it. Whether she's just a manly-looking female spirit or a cross-dresser is uncertain.


The Lady of the Lake is a very fickle and laid back jerk who doesn't seem to take her position seriously at all and seems to take advantage of those who seek out Excalibur simply for her own amusement. The Lady is very uncaring and selfish, and doesn't seem to care if the person who seeks out Excalibur is good or evil so long as they entertain her. If someone points out her manly appearance she'll become very violent.


The Lady has the ability to float and apparently control water to some degree. The Lady can also summon Excalibur at will, however she is not good with it at all and was easily subdued by Major Dr. Ghastly.


Hector, King of the BritonsEdit

Lady of the Lake
After Hector Con Carne learned about the legend of Excalibur from General Skarr, he went to find the Lady of the Lake in order to become king of the Britons. The Lady agreed to give him the sword if he did numerous pointless tasks to amuse her, but despite Hector's best efforts, the snobbish Lady of the Lake refused simply due to that he "cheated" for using Boskov to do his work (despite that Boskov is his substitute body) and that using him did not count since he wasn't his "real body". Hector then mocks the Lady's own "real body" which infuriates her and she summons Excalibur to kill Hector, luckily she is easily taken out by Ghastly and Hector is able to steal the sword. Later the Lady of the Lake manages to escape and dresses up as a maid, at which point she knocks out Hector and steals back Excalibur.


  • The Lady may be a parody of drag queens