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The Henchmen (sometimes referred to as grunts, soldiers, or men) are unnamed soldiers working for Hector Con Carne's organization. They are mainly led by General Skarr, but follow Hector's orders, by extent. They rarely are given significant roles or names and are generally seen as generic throwaway pawns, that can be risk being injured or killed by doing a task, if none of the important workers want to go through with it.


Henchmen cowardly
In Gridlocked and Loaded Major Dr. Ghastly explains to a new recruit that the job of the henchmen is essentially to either get injured or arrested--she and General Skarr were even placing bets on what would happen to a henchman on missions.

Although generally portrayed as loyal, they are usually bumbling fools, who can't even march properly. In Hector, King of the Britons, they are shown to be dumb and cowardly when they tremble in fear at the sight of a cow.

It is for this reason that in Day of the Dreadbots that they were replaced by the robots known as Dreadbots; however, The Dreadbots were only present in one episode, and thus, it is evident the Henchmen were rehired after the Dreadbots turned on Hector.


Although they come in many shapes and sizes, most of them are short and they all wear identical blue uniforms. Interestingly, it appears that all of them are male, and no female henchman has ever been seen in the series.

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