Quotes by Hector Con Carne.


"I'm not going to sit here and be insulted while eating lousy food!" (Search and Estroy)
"Boy, does not having a body stink, come to think of it, not having a mouth stinks." (Tiptoe Through the Tulips)
"And to answer that, it is I, Hector Con Carne who is responsible for that!" (Max Courage)
"Another plan down the toilet." (Max Courage)
"Fired!!! You're all Fired!!!" (Evil Goes Wild)
"He'd better be!" (Boskov's Day Out)
"This stinks, I'm going home!" (The Pie Who Loved Me)
"I really, REALLY hate that guy!" (Search and Estroy)
"No one retreats from Hector Con Carne!" (Evil Con Carne)
"So, Major Doctor Ghastly, is everything ready?" (Boskov's Day Out)
"This is unbelievable! I am nothing but a brain!" (Bring Me the Face of Hector Con Carne)
"Prepare For Battle!" (Evil Goes Wild)
"So here we are again, Cod, I will finally have the pleasure of destroying you myself! Any last words?" (Cod vs. Hector)
"I don't understand it, I should've reached the stairs by now." (Tiptoe Through the Tulips)
"You got the memo! You know very well what plan B is!" (Teenage Idol)
"Okay Ghastly, where's my HCCBDD?" (The HCCBDD)
"I said I don't want to talk about it, but yes." (The Mother of all Evils)
"This is what you spend your 32,000 dollars on? This is the last time I leave a mad scientist to do a criminal mastermind's job." (The Mother of all Evils)
"Throw him in the alligator pit." (Jealousy, Jealous Do)
"Love? Stop the love!" (The HCCBDD)
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