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Hectors Mother
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Full Name Mrs. Con Carne
Alignment Neutral
Species Human
Gender Female
Family Hector Con Carne (son)
Destructicus Con Carne (grandson)
Allies Major Dr. Ghastly
First Appearance The Mother of all Evils

Hector's Mother is the biological mother of Hector Con Carne. Due to old age, she has currently gone blind, and is unaware of the fact that her son was blown up and reduced to a brain and stomach. She's also unaware of Hector's current desire for evil, and assumes he's an oral surgeon. Wanting to keep her happy, Hector keeps telling his mother these lies. She appeared in "The Mother of all Evils".


Mother of all EvilsEdit

Hector's mother payed a surprise visit to her son on Bunny Island to see how his life was. Unfortunately for Hector, his mother had not seen him since he lost his body and he had been lying to her saying that he was a normal oral surgeon. Hector convinces everyone to go along with the charade, but after Hector's mother gets trapped in the Trojan Boskov and sent to Washington DC, Hector and the others had to go save her and he was forced to reveal his true identity. Luckily his mother already suspected that Hector was a wannabe world-conqueror due to his childhood behavior and she accepted him knowing that he could not do much harm, the group then flew back to Bunny Island.


She is a short elderly woman with short, grey, spiky hair, and wears a red dress with pink flowers on it. She wears sunglasses because she is blind.


Although she seems very innocent minded, she secretly always knew that her son would try to take over the world. Despite her son's career choice, she loves him nonetheless knowing full well that the only people he hurts are either himself or General Skarr.


Being that she is a simple blind woman, she is not very strong or influential like her son. However, she seems to be a skilled cook and can make an extra-spicy salsa her son used to enjoy when he still had his body (although it's proven to be too spicy for Boskov).