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Godzilla is a famous monster from the 1954 Japanese thriller film of the same name. He is portrayed as a giant, neo-dinosaur, who crushes building in Tokyo, Japan. He appeared in the Evil Con Carne episode, "The Smell of Vengeance".


In "The Smell of Vengeance", Hector fired a stink ray at Japan. While Godzilla was terrorizing the city of Tokyo, the aroma of the stink ray got to him and Godzilla was disgusted by it. He groaned in disgust and Mothra, who was destroying the city too, laughed at him, claiming "He who smelt it, dealt it.", implying that Godzilla farted.


  • Despite Godzilla's gender being ambiguous in the original movies, he's clearly portrayed as a male in Evil Con Carne.
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