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Future Skarr
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Full Name Reginald Peter Skarr
Aliases Future Skarr
General Skarr
Species Human
Occupation Villain
Allies Present General Skarr
Foes Destructicus Con Carne
Future Hector
First Appearance The Time Hole Incident
Voiced By Armin Shimerman

Future Skarr is a 30-year-older future self General Skarr. He appeared in "The Time Hole Incident".


In "The Time Hole Incident", Major Dr. Ghastly invented a Time Machine, which she'd use to go back in time before Hector's body was destroyed, so they could stop the event from happening. She, Hector and General Skarr went back in time 30 years, but Skarr forgot to bring the return pad with them, leaving them stranded on the desert island, where the time traveling was taking place, for 30 years, awaiting the arrival of their past selves, arriving at the island in the first place.

When the regular versions of Hector, Ghastly, and Skarr arrived at the island, their future selves were overjoyed to have finally met with them. While Future Hector and Future Ghastly explained the story of what happened to their past selves, Future Skarr reminded his past self of his plans to stop Hector from being born. At the time, Skarr had just mentioned using the time machine for such purposes as a wishful, half-joking, side comment, but after staying on the island for so long, his future self had only become more dedicated to doing that. Skarr was apparently the only one on the team who had maintained his evil ways, as Hector and Ghastly would have turned to the good side, seeing no point in continuing doing evil, since they'd have no access to society anymore.

Future Skarr teamed up with Present Skarr to enact the plan. They went to the time machine and Future Skarr used the control panel to zap Skarr back to the past. This was trouble for him, since his shaking old man hands and arthritis made it complicated to press a simple button. When Future Skarr was finally ready to activate the time machine, Destructicus Con Carne traveled to his life, now being a full grown adult, and beat him senseless, stopping him from enacting his evil plans. He was not seen after this and Future Hector and Future Ghastly had not only taken pride in their son, but agreed to stay on the island. So, it's safe to say that Future Skarr still resigns there, but isn't as respected by his companions as he used to be.


  • He is the only future self to have a significantly different voice than his present day counterpart. Future Skarr's voice is more high pitched and witchy, than General Skarr's. Add to that, he also has a more crazed and cuckoo like personality.

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