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Full Name Frankenfurter
Alignment Neutral
Species Hot Dog Wiener
Gender Male
Allies None
Foes None

Frank is a hot dog wiener, who for some reason, has a face and the ability to talk. He was eaten by Stomach and is currently being digested by her acid. He appeared in "Devolver".


In "Devolver", General Skarr, transformed into a shrimp, after being struck by a De-Evolution Beam. Boskov ate him, sending him down to Stomach. There, Skarr was resting in Stomach's acid, being digested along with the other foods she's consumed. One of which was a hot dog wiener named Frank. An apple, sitting next to Frank, saying "Hey, Frank. Did you see that?", referencing to the oddity of General Skarr going down there. Frank replied, saying "Kid, wait 'til you've been down here as long as I have. You ain't seen nothing yet", implying that he'd been digesting in Stomach for a long time.


Frank is a dried up old hot dog wiener with a bite taken out of his head. His cellulose casing has grown so old and weary, that it's starting to peel and develop blemishes. He has personified eyes and a mouth, with his eyes having bags under them.


Frank has become the grand poobah of Stomach's digestive system, being the oldest living piece of food to resign in her system. Since then, he's become the wise, storytelling folk, who comes with many tales of what's happened in the stomach of Stomach.


  • His name is a pun on "Frankfurter".

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