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Season 2, Episode 6
Fool's Paradise
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Gridlocked and Loaded
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Fool's Paradise is the sixth episode of season two of Evil Con Carne.


Hector takes Skarr and Ghastly on vacation in Hawaii, but Estroy is staying at the same resort and constantly hits on Ghastly. Meanwhile, General Skarr can't relax due to various conditions.




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  • This episode is named after an idiom, which means a state of blissful happiness, that's based on falsehood.
  • It's learned that General Skarr is a skilled surfer.
  • Last episode where Stomach talks. Her final speaking line is "Get some for me too."
  • The ending in which the shark is revealed to be the narrator may be a reference to the graphic novel Enigma in which the last page reveals the story was narrated by a lizard.
  • This marks the fourth and last time Skarr cries.
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