Evil Goes Wild
Season 1, Episode 12
Evil Goes Wild
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Evil Goes Wild is the twelfth episode of season one of Evil Con Carne.


Hector is thrown into an enclosed nature environment, when Boskov gets himself tranquilized at a national park.


At first Hector Con Carne was angry with his army for slacking off and not fighting the SPORK team. Then his aircraft get blown up by SPORK and Hector falls out onto the ground in the middle of a campsite Ranger Billy appears there and tranquilizes Boskov and sends him into a cave it appears that he is locked in with a cage and cant get out. He is in there with more bears and Hector discovers that the other bears are better soldiers than his henchmen. He concocts a plan with the bears to take over the park, deciding that later he can convince them to take over the world.

The Park Rangers try to stop them again, but Hector intimidates them. Then The Con Carne ship floats over recovered and functional and catches Hector easily. Then they take him back to Bunny island and ruin his bear army. Then after that Hector continues babbling on about how they ruined the thing for them but nobody even cares nor did they listen then Skarr tranquilizes Bozkov and sends him back to Evil Con Carne.


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  • This episode had an overarching Yogi Bear theme. The plot involved Hector, (and by extent, Boskov the Bear), leading an army of bears into stealing picnic baskets. Ranger Tranquilizer was a parody on Ranger Billy. At one point, Hector even said "Pic-uh-nic baskets."
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