Everyone Loves Uncle Bob
Season 1, Episode 18
Everyone Loves Uncle Bob
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Everyone Loves Uncle Bob is the eighteenth episode of season one of Evil Con Carne.


Hector tries to take over a children's show in order to brainwash all the children of the world. However, the children are unimpressed, and the host of the show is not as easily defeated as Hector thought.




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  • The title is a reference to "Everybody Loves Raymond", a sit-com in the height of it's popularity at the time.
  • In the shot where General Skarr took over the camera, the cameraman's buttcrack was seen sticking out of his pants, just before Skarr shoved him out of the way.
  • One of the children mistakes Boskov for "That Purple Dinosaur guy" referring to Barney
  • Hector took out General Skarr, and said "Say hello, to my little friend." This was a famous quote from the movie, Scarface, said by the character, Tony Montana.
  • Mandy in uncle bob
    Billy and Mandy can be seen in the audience, when the kids were chanting "We want Uncle Bob!" Later, a plush doll of Grim was thrown at the stage.
  • Hector Con Carne was the only main cast member with any real focus, while the rest of the cast was completely pushed aside. General Skarr had two lines of dialogue and his only purpose was to be used as a puppet, Boskov was heard groaning once and only played a part, during a brief one-off joke, and Major Dr. Ghastly and Stomach were completely left without dialogue, with the latter serving absolutely no significance to the plot.


  • When Hector first entered the Uncle Bob's recording studio, the metallic rim around Stomach's dome was missing.
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