Estroy's Goons are his dimwitted henchmen and his children, as evidenced by them calling him "dad" and Estroy calling them "boys". They appeared in the episode The HCCBDD


They have oddly shaped heads,being long in the back while short in the front, longer round noses, and are bald. One has darker skin while the other is quite pale. They were red uniforms.


They are highly dimwitted, often giggling for no apparent reason. They are also shown to have no fighting prowess whatsoever, and appear rather cowardly. They are easily tricked by Major Dr. Ghastly into piling on top of Estroy, as Ghastly pretends it's a game.


  • In the credits they are simply referred to as Goon #1 (voiced by Bart Flynn) and Goon #2 (voiced by Scott Menville).