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Char 58666
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Alignment Good
Species Human
Gender Male
Family Max Courage, Rick Courage
Allies Max Courage, Rick Courage, Major Dr. Ghastly (formerly)
Foes Major Dr. Ghastly, General Skarr, Hector Con Carne, Henchmen
First Appearance Max Courage (Episode)

Dr. Courage is a parody of Johnny Quest's father. He was once Major Dr. Ghastly's mentor.

His sons are Max Courage and Rick Courage.


He is a muscular brown haired man with a pompadour, and a moustache. He has a large chin.


Max is his favorite, and he pretends not to be blood related to Rick. He never gets Rick's name right and he doesn't appear to even care about Rick at all as he wasn't bothered when Hector's henchmen almost tortured Rick and he thought Rick was the "furry weasel" Dr. Ghastly was referring to when she greeted the Courage family.

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