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Crack Commandos

The Crack Commandos (referred to simply as "Commandos") only appear in the pilot episode of Evil Con Carne. They are an elite team of muscular and well trained military soldiers capable of creating wonton destruction wherever they are sent to ensure that evil organizations don't gain the upper hand. The Crack Commandos never appeared again after this and were later replaced by SPORK as the main enemies of the series.


They are all nearly identical, with abnormally large muscles, matching uniforms with their chests exposed, thick eyebrows, unshaven faces, and chins that jut out.


In the pilot episode, the League of Nations deployed these commandos after Hector Con Carne threatened to use his newest super weapon on them. The commandos immediately arrived at Bunny Island and began destroying everything in their path, including the weapon. They even chewed up Hector's brain as a bonus.

Later when Hector got his new robotic body, he proceeded to get revenge on the Crack Commandos by beating the living daylights out of them or just giving them super purple-nurples. Luckily the Crack Commandos were able to escape before Hector could destroy them with his butt missiles.

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