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Full Name William
Aliases Billy
Alignment Good
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Family Gladys (mother)
Harold (father)
Jeff (son)
Allies Grim (slave)
Mandy (friend)
Irwin (friend)
Foes Sperg
First Appearance "Everyone Loves Uncle Bob"
Voiced By Richard Steven Horvitz

Billy is a character from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. In the show, he is one of the titular main characters, portrayed as an obnoxious, extremely stupid little boy, who, along with his best friend Mandy, has made The Grim Reaper their own personal slave. He is voiced by Steven Horvitz. He's made a number of cameo appearances in episodes of Evil Con Carne.


Evil Con CarneEdit

In the episode "Everyone Loves Uncle Bob", Billy could briefly be seen in the audience, along with Mandy, chanting in anger, during the absence of Uncle Bob.

During the ending credits of "Gridlocked and Loaded", Billy was in the car next to General Skarr's, where he make goofy faces at him, though the window. Skarr ignored this for some time, but as soon as Billy started mooning him, he snapped and used a death day to blast Billy's car (and Billy) to oblivion.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and MandyEdit

In the Billy and Mandy episode "Skarred for Life", the story of General Skarr first moving into Endsville was told. When he moved in, the first person he met was Billy, who did nothing but act annoying and destructive. Skarr was patient at first, and tried inviting him into the house, but when he did, Billy found Skarr's room full of old war memorabilia from when he worked at Evil Con Carne. After destroying a few priceless objects and abusing some dangerous weapons, Billy suggested that Skarr goes back to being evil again, but Skarr declined the offer. Just then, however, Billy told Skarr about Grim, and explained the power of his scythe. He constantly pestered Skarr with the idealism of gaining "ultimate power" from weilding it, which finally broke Skarr and made him return to his evil self again.

Later on in the episode, Skarr had successfully stolen the scythe, but his plans would ultimately be foiled, once Mandy entered his home and scared him into giving it up, by making a threat, concerning his eye. Since then, General Skarr has lived a miserable life as a lonely old man in a suburban household, who would consistently be irritated and tortured by his fellow neighborhood resident, Billy.


Billy has a big fat pink nose and a red hat and orange hair and a shirt.

Episode AppearancesEdit


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