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Bear Army
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Alignment Evil
Species Bears
Occupation Soldiers
Allies Boskov and Hector
Foes Park Rangers
First Appearance Evil Gone Wild

The Bear Army was an elite team of highly intelligent bears kept at a park zoo who made secret plans to steal as many picnic baskets as they could from humans. They were led by Mr. Bear who was a short orange bear who wore a bowler hat. Each of the bears in the Bear Army wore a unique piece of headgear to tell each other part.


Evil Gone WildEdit

After Hector and Boskov became lost in the woods of a state park, he was captured by Park Rangers and imprisoned in the park zoo with other bears. There, Hector discovered the intelligent bear army and used Boskov to communicate with them so they would join his army and promised them that they would take over the woods together and reign over the humans... also free lunch. This naturally proved very promising to the Bear Army and loyally followed Hector and Boskov to glory. The Bear Army then broke out of the zoo and successfully captured their first picnic basket and when they were confronted by the Park Rangers, they easily defeated them and claimed the park as their own, thus earning Hector his first victory in a long time. However his victory was short lived as he was soon found by Major Dr. Ghastly and General Skarr who tranquilized him and took him back home against his will, much to the grief of the Bear Army.