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Baby Bleat
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Full Name Baby
Alignment Evil
Species Billy Goat
Gender Unknown
Occupation Pet
Allies Hector Con Carne
Major Dr. Ghastly
Foes Estroy
Voiced By Stock Audio of a Goat

Baby is Hector's pet goat, although Major Dr. Ghastly is also quite fond of it and treats Baby as her own. It appeared in the episode "The HCCBDD". Not much is known about Baby, since it only appears in one episode and plays a minor role.


In "The HCCBDD", Baby accompanied Major Dr. Ghastly, while she was building The HCCBDD. Ghastly talked to it and addressed it by name, as though it was a person. Later on, Estroy came close to stealing The HCCBDD, before Baby head butted him into the carnivorous dolphin pit. At Hector's birthday, Ghastly told Hector that she wanted to have a baby with him. Hector assumed she was talking about the goat and informed her that Baby was his pet goat, not hers.


Baby is a white goat with brown spots. One spot over it's eye, another on it's back, and a spot-colored ring around it's neck, that doesn't appear to be a collar, more as it is a part of it's about fur color scheme. Baby has yellow horns that bend away from each other in opposite directions and very crooked yellow teeth. Baby also has a big, long billy boat beard, that blends in nicely with the rest of it's face.


Baby is a kind and loyal goat, who seems to have an at least basic understanding of human language, standpoints, and desires, making it more intelligent than other goats. Baby's domestic upbringing has programmed it to act sort of like that of a dog, as it was seen licking Hector at the end of it's episode. Baby is more than just a furry companion, also serving as a loyal, semi-working member of Evil Con Carne. It knew Ghastly wanted to keep the HCCBDD under protection, for instance, and rightfully saw Estroy as an antagonist to her. Baby then headbutted him to keep her happy and in good hands.


Baby in Nostrildamus

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