B-1000 en acción

The B1X9000, more commonly referred to as Robot Body, was created in the pilot episode of Evil Con Carne. Major Dr. Ghastly built this robotic, heavily armed body for Hector to replace Boskov, whom Hector had grown tired of due to his constant stupidity. However, the body did not last and Boskov was once again made Hector's body.


Hector's Robot Body has a very large humanoid build with blue and orange metal plating and yellow lights placed over several parts of its body. On its "neck" it has a slot where Hector's brain dome can be attached. It also has a "butt" that is actually a missile launcher.

Known FunctionsEdit

Con Carne vs Crack Commando-0

Con Carne vs Crack Commando-0

The body is incredibly powerful, possessing super strength, enhanced agility and stealth, an advanced combat system and numerous deadly weapons. Its most devastating weapon are the missiles stored in its "butt" which easily destroyed most of Bunny Island.



After the Crack Commandos destroyed Hector's latest evil scheme thanks to Boskov's lazy idiocy, Hector demanded that Ghastly build him a new replacement body. Despite Ghastly's hesitance, she eventually complied and built the Robot Body for Hector. The body proved to be a near-invincible force that managed to easily defeat the Crack Commandos. Hector then tried to finish them off by using his butt missiles despite Ghastly's warnings of their danger, but Hector ignored her and used them anyway which destroyed much of Bunny Island and left Hector and his Robot Body hanging by a rope. In the end, the body was destroyed when Hector was unable to pull himself up from the rope due to the body's heavy weight, and he had to be rescued by Boskov.

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