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Abominable Snowman
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Aliases Abdominable Snowman (by Hector)
Alignment Evil
Species Snowman
Gender Male
Allies Hector
First Appearance No No Nanook

The Abominable Snowman is a fearsome snowman who appeared in the episode No No Nanook.


The Abominable Snowman was one of the many arctic outcasts recruited by Hector, Boskov and General Skarr to aid in their conquest of the world after they used their Anti-Gravitational Nuclear Fragmentation Device to create a West Pole and East Pole. The Abominable Snowman remained quiet throughout most of the ordeal but seemed quite excited about the idea of conquest. After gravity was accidentally destroyed by the device instead of making new Poles, he floated off into the sky with the other outcasts and the Canadian Mounties while singing songs.


  • He is referred to as the "Abdominable Snowman" by Hector, likely due to his strong accent.

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